In an emotional and nostalgia centered way, I have been slowly making it through the different epochs of my life with respect to my relationship with another individual.

An epoch is a time period notable for certain events, persons, etc. In my mind these are created in our own history. Any piece of personal nostalgia will trigger not only a particular moment associated with it but together with it, the time period, the general “feeling” that you had been experiencing, you will then start to recall bits of information surrounding that time. I’ve noticed it be the case often with music, if I play for you a song you recall from your teenage years you will immediately recall the emotions that you so closely related to that music. Often it seems to be the case that music has been a catalyst through which people experience emotional resolution.

There doesn’t seem to me to be any clear method through which I am making my way through the history of emotional epochs but it does seem to be steadily moving across linearly. It’s as if my mind falls back into that epoch at any given moment, like a series of flashbacks.

One fate I fear to be inevitable is that as I progress through each epoch and eventually make my way up through the end of those that concern the relationship in question, that I will leave behind the found and at present, vivid emotions with which I experience this retrospection.

Though, I suppose short of cataloging each feeling there is not much one can do but accept the fleeting nature of emotions. With the departure of emotions and desires beget new ones. It would seem when that time has arrived this concern will no longer be a concern of that state of mind.

I’ve had many lives, many faces.
What would they say to each other.
Would they be proud of each other. 

What would the arguments be like?

I’ve had many lives, many faces.
What would they say to each other.
Would they be proud of each other.

What would the arguments be like?

If not what holds you back?
If so does anything allow you this or is it built in from choice?

All these people. All these events. Originated not in a past. Not in a memory.

You Send Me Transmisions. Through Time.

Each scene shifts and becomes the past as soon as it was the future. The Solid beginning becomes a faded backdrop and the distant horizon becomes the ground below. Each moment the perspective shifts to an unlooked eye and life renders quickly again. Moments when strung out to their immediate connections move the same. Each moment instantly distant and the uncertain next concreted in your movement.

It’s a really weird thing to be social again, I don’t do it often anymore. Especially for so long. Today was a day of timing that was too perfect, I wonder why that is. I enjoyed today, it wont ever occur like it did but it was fantastic!

I often think about going up to elderly people and asking them questions and learning from their lives. I wonder what their time may have brought them if anything or if the the wisdom they have is relevant still. However when the time comes as it has right now I find myself at a loss of questions among the sea of questions.

There are potentially upsetting or offensive questions that I want to gain perspective on but shy from approaching.

Much of the time most people spend has a constant source of information being pushed their way or distractions continually popping up. The obvious influence here is new media, computers, television and the Internet. If it isn’t those it’s other people or simply the massive amount of things present in most any location, there is almost always influences popping up and distracting people.

When a person deliberate isolates oneself from the distractions and lets go of focusing on the incoming information they have a chance to do more than absorb but to further understand and pick apart what they know and allow their thoughts to developing uninterrupted, evolving into new and original ideas.

Something I’ve shifted on much in life, especially in times of emotion is what should hold the most importance in life. What should come first. While I think it is entirely relative and subjective to each person and moment in time, it’s something that I wonder if the choices have always been the best when I’ve made them and when I observe others making them, I wonder. Will they be happy with that decision, that loyalty, that alienation. Down the line, when they feel that section of life has ended, will they revise their list of importance and wish they did so sooner?

Dreams are our most raw mind and power. As you gain awareness in your dreams either by consistent recall making your ability to recall more clear, vivid and long or more lucid. The other way is by becoming aware during the dream, not only that you are dreaming but of your power or potential in the dream realm and then finally ascending to the next level and using the power you have. Eventually your dreams can become more than a quick little video, adventure or however you on average perceive them. In your dreams you have infinite power.

The Time Machine of Experience:
 Through dreams you can take someone you’ve only seen once on a subway and live out an entire life with them. Or entire lives yourself. You can become best friends or lifelong mates. You can live the opposite life of yours in one nap and have all of the knowledge from it you would as if you chose it in the physical realm.

Awareness is the Key:
The physical realm that I believe I am in right now, typing on a computer may be no more “physical” than any dimension of the dream realm and thats the beauty. All the power you are capable of in your dreams you are capable of in this realm, all you need to do is follow the same steps, only without the luxury to perceive it as a recollection or altered senses of time. Yet.

— Steve Jobs

During the standard day there is typically a single sleeping period and a single waking period. Often determined by daylight and the night.

I propose a new system with two sleeping periods and two waking periods. Each being split to create new “half-days.”

Essentially what would be done is waking up earlier in the morning, staying up later in the night and allowing a solid nap divide the day from one day to two.


Time doesn’t exist. Time is just the abstract description that we give it. We see time as the thing the clocks tell us, but it’s our own agreement about what it is

Time doesn’t exist, clocks do.