Me: I like thinking about whats Next, what will be, what could be, seeing what ends up occurring. I always want to get there as soon as possible
Me: Though I have difficulty letting this story end, it's always a good one, it's the one I was looking forward to, now it's steps behind.
Me: Have you ever walked miles and miles? You look ahead and see very small details, eventually you find yourself walking around, looking at those small details now fully in frame, those that used to be the tiny dot, it's your entire surrounding suddenly. But eventually you take a glance back behind you and you watch as it fades away. The picture grows smaller and smaller.

Each scene shifts and becomes the past as soon as it was the future. The Solid beginning becomes a faded backdrop and the distant horizon becomes the ground below. Each moment the perspective shifts to an unlooked eye and life renders quickly again. Moments when strung out to their immediate connections move the same. Each moment instantly distant and the uncertain next concreted in your movement.

You’re all missing the POINT of these goods and bads, you’re dressing them up with their irrelevance. Taking down the messenger and the middle man. Not the power holder, not the architect.

The Siege of Academe – Kevin Carey on breaching the walls of higher education  (via explore-blog)
Remember that one time I was from the future and Connor totally didn’t approve?

Remember that one time I was from the future and Connor totally didn’t approve?

I wasn’t aware people felt so strongly about this but yeah, real talk.

I wasn’t aware people felt so strongly about this but yeah, real talk.

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What sort of activity takes place?

with the future

Earlier today I was asked if the situation with the girl I’m involved with is “serious”. To me it’s such a strange question. Why wouldn’t it be serious? How can it be anything else? If I’m with someone then I want to be with them for the foreseeable future otherwise why would we be together?

Was a man of true innovation. Revolutionizing everything he touched and staying uncorrupt. He worked with Apple until he physically could not anymore. Yesterday a new era began for Apple with Tim Cook’s first official presentation as CEO. But today is the day Apple changes forever.


Far too often I notice people biasing every decision they make because of some loyalty to one thing or another. Sometimes countries, sometimes appearances and sometimes past decisions.

It appears to me that a lot of people think that once something is declared it can not be retracted. For example, someone’s belief in astrology. They speak about their horoscope, then feel obligated to defend their belief in astrology despite what later revelations they may have regarding it. People also often defend a point by bringing up a past statement/action made by their opponent as validation of their point. This is incorrect reasoning.

End of Line/Rant.

I don’t think I could ever get a tattoo with meaning behind it. mainly because my interests, thoughts, emotions and all that makes up what me is, is constantly in state of flux and is constantly expanding to unforeseeable futures. How could I have a tattoo that would always be applicable to what I am. Allegiance is another main reason I decide against ink. Getting a tattoo of an idea, philosophy or being, creates an allegiance bias. I would forever be biased in my thoughts and emotions to whatever or whoever my tattoo expressed. Sealing an idea to your body, binding it. Seems like a naive thing to do, it seems to make a statement that you believe that idea to be correct and that it will not be wrong or undone for as long as your body lives. One is likely to hide from progress when they seal themselves to a moment or state of mind of one specific time.

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Film stills: Gandahar

Film stills: Gandahar