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If you live in the Orange County area and want to join Thor( ronok ) and I for GotG on Thursday(7/31), we’ll be seeing it at Irvine Spectrum. Cosplaying would be awesome.

Comic-Con 2014 



Comic-Con 2014

En route to San Diego Comic-Con

En route to San Diego Comic-Con

Anonymous: Are going to the marvel panel they are going to be showing the avengers trailer in there?. Ps you and you buddy thor should do a mini skit vid

We’re going ghost, without badges. Unless by some age of miracles we end up using someone else’s badge we won’t actually be in the con center, just outside it and at off-site events.

If you write us a skit, we will perform it.

Quicksilver already suggested Gifpal.

Anonymous: Was this your first time at anime expo and have you been to other conventions?

I’ve been attending AX since 2006. I’ve only been to SDCC twice other than AX. However, moving forward I’ll be attending many conventions.(Along with my Buddy Thor ronok)

Anonymous: You're quite foxy, as in you're attractive and look rather clever just to top it off.

Anonymous: If I went to SDCC you'd never be alone again *that creepy smile face*

What are you suggesting!?

starkshine: Do you do rps? Also what ship you like?

I haven’t but I’m open to it!
I’m not a huge shipper actually though I do appreciate a passionate ship.

Every time I try to play with my cats we just end up taking a nap.


Marvin Gaye & Tammi Terrell - Ain’t nothing like the real thing

"I read your letters when you’re not near
But they don’t move me
And they don’t groove me like when I hear
Your sweet voice whispering in my ear”

thecaptainoffondue: I know you're receiving countless compliments about your Steve cosplay.. but I am not kidding when I sang "I'm proud to be an American" when I saw your cosplay.

Thank you, Captain of… Fondue?

forgottenphotograph: Hi! So I am convinced you and Thor were probably the most famous cosplayers at Anime Expo. Awesome job!!! I kinda just stumbled on to your tumblr. so yeah totally following you lol ^_^

Anime-Expo was incredible. We had no idea people would be so receptive to it. AX15 is going to be even better.